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Joshua Porter

I joined NULYP because I wanted to be a part of something special and have like- minded influencers around me. I continue because I believe there is a specific place where I can add real value to the influencers. NULYP has exposed me to a network of impressive individuals, that I've already began building with.” #IAMRelentless #YPEmpowered #IAMYoungandEmpowered 

Ashley Shuler

I joined the YPN/Urban League to serve to my community. We are the next generation of leaders.  I am excited to grow social consciousness and civic involvement in my community. Serving others is intimately woven into who I am personally and professionally. We are all meant to connect with one another, so I find great joy in helping others whether it’s a fellow team member, friend, or acquaintance. #IAMCommitted #YPEmpowered #IAMYoungandEmpowered    

Da'Shaun Joseph

I joined Urban League to get a better insight on what issues were happening in the area and how I could quickly become involved. As an Engineer, I wanted to make sure my community involvement was focused on more than just STEM. And of course, the networking was a bonus!  I continue because of the relationships I have made and the quality programming I received from the organization.  There are so many topics and causes discussed throughout the year that spark my interests. Now that I have gained such a dynamic network within the organization, I am drawn back effortlessly each year. And the saying is true: Once a Urban Leaguer, Always a Urban Leaguer...  Personally and Professional, I have learned what profitable talents I posses that I now incorporated into my own brand. I was never fully "convinced" I wanted to be an entrepreneur until I joined the Urban League. Now, I am not quitting my day job anytime soon, but my brand is "moving". “ #IAMMY BRAND #YPEmpowered #IAMYoungandEmpowered 

Garrett James

“Even before I joined YPN, I became immediately involved in the work. My thinking was that by being active, I would get to see the inner core of the group and that would help me to decide if this is where I really wanted to be. Now, 6 years later, I haven't regretted joining. I joined because I was embraced, I care about the community of NOVA and the culture of YPN is one that I haven't seen anywhere else. I have been active and involved for several years, simply because I'm needed. There's work to be done and I've been blessed to be a blessing. I also enjoy the benefits of access to information and powerful individuals and the growth it’s given me. Professionally, YPN has helped me to prepare to launch and maintain 2 successful businesses. As I embark on a 3rd business venture, much of the learning from YPN sessions and other YPN and NUL members will come in handy. I feel more prepared because of my relationship with YPN. And personally, YPN members aren't just my friends, they are my family.” #YPEmpowered #IAMYoungandEmpowered 

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