Bringing you the news and updates for NOVAUL Guild events and activities through social media.

    Chairperson – Kira Harrell 

    Community Outreach

    Making connections and serving through events and programs in Northern Virginia.

    Co-Chairs – Isabel Crocker 

    Annual Crystal Ball

    The Annual Crystal Ball is a formal event hosted by the NOVAUL Guild. Funds raised from the Crystal Ball support Guild programs and PSAT workshops.

    Chair – Carroll Hebron, Jr.


    Helps prepare high school students for the PSAT exam


    Chair – Jimmi Barnwell


    Works to develop fundraising events and establish strategic partnerships with other organizations. 

    Chair – Carroll Hebron, Jr.


    We are always looking for great ways to increase our dedicated, involved membership of Guilders! 

    Chair – Loretta Britten

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