Bringing you the news and updates for NOVAUL Guild events and activities through social media.

    Chairperson – Kira Harrell 

    Community Outreach

    Making connections and serving through events and programs in Northern Virginia. If you are connected to a nonprofit  organization looking for a partner in an event beneficial to a community group, please consider partnering with the Northern Virginia Urban League.

    Co-Chairs – Isabel Crocker 

    Annual Crystal Ball

    The Annual Crystal Ball is a formal event hosted by the Northern Virginia Urban League Guild. Funds raised from the Crystal Ball support Guild programs, PSAT workshops, and the overall mission of the Northern Virginia Urban League.

    Chair – Carroll Hebron, Jr.


    Helps prepare high school students for the PSAT exam


    Chair – Jimmi Barnwell


    The Fundraising Committee ensures the viability and sustainability of the Guild and its programs. We work to develop events and establish strategic partnerships with other organizations to help achieve our overall mission. Our efforts help to make the vision and mission of NOVAUL a reality. 

    Chair – Carroll Hebron, Jr.


    We are always looking for great ways to increase our dedicated, involved membership of Guilders! 

    Chair – Loretta Britten

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