Northern Virginia Urban League

Our Movement
Established in 1910, the National Urban League is the nation’s oldest and largest community-based movement devoted to empowering African Americans and other underrepresented minorities to enter the economic and social mainstream.  Today, the National Urban League spearheads the non-partisan efforts of its 94 affiliates that provide services to more than 2 million people nationwide.  The Northern Virginia Urban League, as part of this national network, provides direct services and effective economic needs of Northern Virginia’s minorities, youth, elderly and low-income residents.


Our Strategy
The Urban League Movement employs a five-point strategy, tailored to local needs, in order to implement the mission of our movement.

  • Education and Youth Empowerment: Ensuring that all of our children are well educated and prepared for economic self-reliance in the 21st century through college scholarships, early childhood literacy, Head Start and after care programs.

  • Economic Empowerment: Empowering all people in attaining economic self-sufficiency through job training, good jobs, homeownership, entrepreneurship and wealth accumulation.

  • Health and Quality of Life Empowerment: Working to build healthy and safe communities to eliminate health disparities through prevention, healthy eating, fitness, as well as ensuring access and complete access to affordable healthcare for all people.

  • Civic Engagement and Leadership Empowerment: Empowering all people to take an active role in determining the direction, quality of life, public policy and leadership in their communities by full participation as citizens and voters, as well as through active community service and leadership development.

  • Civil Rights and Racial Justice Empowerment: Promoting and ensuring our civil rights by actively working to eradicate all barriers to equal participation in the all aspects of American society, whether political, economic, social, educational or cultural.

                 Our Mission

The mission of the Northern Virginia Urban League is to enable Northern Virginia minorities and other disadvantaged communities to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power, and civil rights through program services and effective advocacy.

                      Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to be a more impactful and relevant community-based organization and emerge as the preeminent organization in Northern Virginia that works with key decision-makers to help our constituency in securing self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights. To help individuals, families and communities achieve their full potential; in essence, our vision is “Empowering Communities and Changing Lives”.

The National Urban League works to  provide economic empowerment, educational opportunities and the guarantee of civil rights for the underserved in America. The National Urban League started their Centennial Celebration in 2010 with a bold, nationwide call to action. They launched I AM EMPOWERED, an initiative focusing on four aspirational goals for empowering communities to achieve in education, employment, housing, and healthcare, the cornerstones of our approach.


Education: "Every American child is ready for college, work and life."
Jobs: "Every American has access to jobs with a living wage and good benefits."
Housing: "Every American lives in safe, decent, affordable and energy efficient housing on fair terms."
Health: "Every American has access to quality and affordable health care solutions."

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